Grand Rapids, Michigan


We are a group made up of all types of moms based in the greater Grand Rapids area of Michigan.

Our group is a supportive local community for women raising their children in the West Michigan area.

Our goal is to provide a way for women to make connections to other mothers navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood.

We welcome moms at every stage:

  • Expecting, first time, or seasoned.
  • Stay at home, part and full time. Or somewhere in between!
  • Moms with kids of any age, tiny to teen.

Benefits of Joining Our Group

Monthly Meetings
Play Groups
Game Nights
Mom's Night Out
Kid Events
Movie Nights
Online Forum
Recipe Forum
Book Club

As a stay at home mom, Moms of Grand Rapids has helped me stay connected with the changing world.  The women who are part of this group are very informed about a bazillion things from the newest apps, to delicious recipes, to choosing a preschool.  I’m fairly certain that if I hadn’t joined this group, my kid would be doomed, or at least a little less well rounded.

Toddler wrangler, Chief cookie maker

2015 was a huge transitional year for my family and me.  We moved to Grand Rapids for my husband’s job so I became a SAHM for our 4 month old very unexpectedly, and we really didn’t know anyone in the area. Fortunately, I found Moms of Grand Rapids and they’ve been such a life line! The advice, support and friendship I’ve received not only helped me through the year of transition, but these ladies have made GR truly feel like home to me. Every parent needs a support system, and am I so lucky to have found this fun group of ladies!

Full time working mama, Mom of one little
Processed with Rookie Cam

This group is essential for me now that I work out of my home. My boys are teenagers so it really is just for me. It’s my connection to other women/moms – and the bonus…they are wonderful ladies and friends.

Mom of teens, Cat whisperer, Photographer

Playgroups. Playgroups. Playgroups. I really feel if you have small children this is the best way to get out of the house and meet other moms and make lasting friendships for both you and your kids.

Mom of three under 10, Dog lover, Part-time Designer

When I had my first child, it was such a change to my life. I had questions about babies, I was lonely at home, and I needed the support of a community.  Becoming a part of this group met all my needs, and more! I was able to really find a place where I could be myself and meet new and interesting people that were local.  Instead of seeking answers on the internet, I could ask other moms who had gone through all the trials I was seeing. I loved the playgroups for socializing for myself and my kids, I loved the moms nights out to forge new friendships, and I loved being part of a my first book club!  I have been a member for 9 years and I still find reasons to be part of this group.  I look up to and respect my fellow members and feel that the group appreciates all that different women can bring.  No more “mommy wars”, we are all on a team together!

Teacher, Mom of 3

Our recent Moms’ Holiday Party.

Busy Play Group!

Mug Club in action.

Reasons to Join Moms of Grand Rapids

  • Sanity Saving Connection to other mothers/women.
  • Social Opportunities with or without your kids!
  • Friendships with other moms (not based on your kids).
  • Expands your horizons: Book Club, Recipe Archive, discovering new places.
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